State Engineers’ Association West Bengal

During post-Independence period when there was unrest among employees of Indian origin against British colonial rule State Engineers' Association, Bengal was formed in the year 1920. This Association comprised of the Engineers of Indian origin of Public Works and Irrigation Departments. In the year 1920 the Indian Service of Engineers was created in place of Imperial Service. In the same year, the Irrigation Department was separated from Public Works Department. At that time the Chief Engineer & Secretary of Public Works Department was Charles Peregrine Walsh and the Chief Engineer & Secretary of Irrigation Department was Christopher Adams William.

Objects of the Association

The aims and objects of the Association shall be as follows:-

(a) To foster closer relationship and co-operation amongst the members of the Association.
(b) To safeguard the interests and welfare of Engineers in general and members in particular.
(c) To obtain by constitutional means redressal of legitimate grievances, if any, of an individual member or the members in general of the Association.
(d) To discuss technical subjects of engineering and allied interest and publish its views and opinions in the Press or otherwise.
(e) To organize social and other cultural functions with a view to promote informal relations amongst the members.
(f) The Association shall deliberate on issues coming within the orbit of the above objectives only and in a manner free from any political bias.
(g) To do and perform such other acts and things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or the aforesaid objects.